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Sue Martin

How can you tell if a company is trying to sell you a timeshare scam?

Joe linden

From my experience, its pretty easy to spot the fraudsters, legitimate sales rep have ID they can show you too that is issued from the timeshare company and the airports in Mexico only allow authorized timeshare reps to work there, so you can be sure the companies with a presence at the airport are okay to work with. Researching online is another good way to see if a company operates timeshare scams, you can also find out which companies have received industry awards online, too. timeshare scammers will definitely not be recognized by tripAdvisor or travel award agencies.


What is the timeshare calendar?


a timeshare calendar is where timeshare owners can schedule their vacations, spots can fill up quickly so it’s always best to submit your vacation request as soon as possible. The earlier you get your request in, the better your chances are that your timeshare unit will be available when you actually want it. I try to plan my vacations as far out as I can, and have never had an issue getting the dates I want at my timeshare

sarah elliot

hey @llisa-puhl, do you know what is a timeshare exchange or timeshare network?

Corey Williams

Hello, @sarahelliot, Many timeshare providers offer exchanges for their members, that way timeshare owners can travel to other resorts within the timeshare network. In this case, The Villa Group has 9 resorts in Mexico, and they are also part of an exchange network. Other companies limit you to stay at one resort which can get boring over time


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