Safe Vacation Rentals in Mexico

Did you know that Mexico is one of the top tourist destinations for savvy travelers in the know? While Mexico has sometimes been portrayed as unsafe, the truth is that Mexico is a great place to safely vacation with your family. Are you ready to start planning your next getaway and want to find a safe vacation rental in Mexico for your family? While the new home sharing websites are very popular, a timeshare club is a safe option that will ensure you provide your loved ones with a secure place to stay without any wanted surprises. If you are interested in enjoying a stress-free getaway time and time again, a timeshare ownership or vacation club membership could be ideal for you. Read below to learn about the differences between vacation clubs and home sharing options to help you decide what choice is the best decision for your family. 

  • Are Home Sharing Rentals Safe?

If safety for your family while traveling is a priority, there are a lot of considerations to think about when deciding where to stay for your holiday. Home sharingwebsites are a newer concept that has become very popular in recent years. Popular home share websites where individuals can rent a place to stay directly from the owner include Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and Housetrip. The industry is growing fast and reports indicate that private accommodation market is believed to be worth more than $36 billion dollars. Home sharing vacation rentals are lodging that owners directly rent out to potential travelers. Property description and photos are online, and you can read online reviews that other travelers have posted about their stay. Reservations are based on calendar availability, and a credit card payment is used to confirm bookings through the website. While the online reviews from other travelers are helpful, you never truly know what to expect until you arrive until a property which is a downside. On the flipside, if you invest in a timeshare ownership club, you are guaranteed a high level of customer service, amazing amenities and quality accommodations that you can count on. 

  • Risks of Home Sharing Rentals

Who prefers to use home sharing rentals these days? Younger individuals in the 18 to 44 year old age group use the home sharing service the most. Since younger travelers often require lower prices, home sharing rentals have appeal so they can save money. However, the downside of home sharing services is that you never know exactly what to expect of a vacation rental until you arrive. Photos and descriptions alone can be deceiving, and some properties are intentionally misrepresented to lure unsuspecting travelers into renting a property. Another disadvantage to home sharing vacation rentals is that owners may be unavailable or unattentive if you need assistance during your getaway. Nothing is more disappointing than having issues or problems during a vacation that are not resolved quickly. No one wants to waste time on issues or problems when they could be enjoying quality time creating memories with their loved ones instead. With a timeshare rental unit, the incidence of complaints is significantly lower than with a home sharing rental. You have the added convenience of knowing exactly what to expect for your accommodations, and any issues or complaints can be easily resolved by the attentive resort staff. With a home sharing rental, it is really hit or miss whether you get an attentive host or one that is not easily available to assist with any issues.

  • Benefits of A Timeshare Club in Mexico

There are many benefits to staying at a timeshare resort. Not only are they a safe rental in Mexico that is secure for your family, a timeshare ownership investment can save you money in the long run as well. When you become a timeshare or vacation club member, you can essentially eliminate any unexpected disappointment that could occur if you book a home sharing vacation rental in Mexico. Genuine vacation club members get to know the property before they purchase a membership so they are familiar with the level of quality and service to expect during each getaway. Also, maintenance and upkeep is a priority for timeshare providers, so you won’t ever be disappointed or surprised by an untidy vacation rental. 

  • More Advantages to Timeshare Ownership

Also, another advantage of a timeshare unit rental in Mexico is the great amenities that make your downtown in paradise that much better. You can enjoy assistance from the front desk concierge, courteous staff members, and house cleaners are on site to keep the property looking great. Vacation club amenities such as pools, gyms, spas, and restaurants help to make your down time relaxing and carefree. Excellent customer service from staff members is a great bonus, and who wouldn’t want help quickly resolving any issues during your vacation? Vacation club staff members will assist owners in making dinner reservations, arranging tours, and booking transportation to the airport or for a day trip. On the flip side, if you book a home sharing vacation rental in Mexico, you will be on your own to handle all arrangements.

As you can see, home-sharing and timeshare vacation rentals are both viable options to consider for your next getaway to Mexico. However, if you want a safe vacation rental in Mexico, remember that timeshare club memberships provide access to amenities, high level of comfort and quality services that you can depend on. Which vacation rental option is the best choice for you and your family? 

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