What to Know About Timeshare Scams in Mexico 

Have you been thinking about investing in a Mexico timeshare? Are you worried about falling victim to a timeshare scam in Mexico? Although there are fraudulent timeshares out there, there are also many quality vacation club memberships available in 2023.

The key is to make sure you only work with reputable companies and avoid scammers so you can make the most of your hard-earned money. Some timeshare cancellation companies even attempt to convince existing vacation club owners that they can provide services that are not legal.

However, some companies like the Villa Group Resorts have a good reputation in the industry for providing quality timeshare products. The truth is, it’s easy to avoid a timeshare scam if you know what to look for. In the meantime, keep reading below about timeshare scams in Mexico. 

What to Know About Timeshare Scams in Mexico

To start with, one of the most common timeshare scams in Mexico involves fraudulent cancellation companies. They attempt to dupe unsuspecting individuals who want to cancel their timeshare by saying they cancel their commitment for a fee.

However, the fact is that timeshare cannot be canceled except during the cooling off or rescission period which occurs in the first few days after a new member contract is signed. After that period has passed, the contract is legally binding and cannot be canceled.

Don’t let yourself get scammed, and always refer to your timeshare contract for details on your specific membership. In addition, only work with authorized representatives to make sure you don’t unknowingly enlist the help of an outside scammer. To stay safe, always go directly to your existing provider if you have any questions or concerns.

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Villa Group Timeshare Ownership   

To avoid timeshare scams, it’s best to only work with reputable providers such as the Villa Group Resorts. They have nearly 4 decades of experience in the resort and tourism industry and are regarded as having a quality timeshare product.

Their company values include integrity, excellent customer service, and focus on the value added for families who need to spend more quality time together. In case you didn’t know, vacation ownership is a way for travelers to prepay for future vacations at today’s low rates.

By doing so, they save money on travel expenses over time and are able to schedule vacations in advance on the official timeshare calendar.

To learn more, the first step is to sign up for a Villa Group timeshare presentation at one of their 10 resorts located in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Cancun, or Riviera Nayarit. 

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Timeshare Presentation and Membership Contract

Timeshare presentations are designed to explain to prospective members the details and advantages that come with buying a Villa Group timeshare. It also covers the financial obligations to join as well as how you need to submit your requests for vacation time.

Timeshare owners share a vacation unit and are allowed to use it for a set amount of time each year, usually between 1-2 weeks annually. If you decide to join, a member contract will need to be signed that is legally binding.

It’s important to note that new memberships can be canceled only within 5-14 days after a new membership contract is signed. This period is known as the cooling off or rescission period. Once that period is over, a timeshare cannot be canceled. However, most members are thrilled with their decision and love that they decided to prioritize creating new treasured memories with their loved ones. 

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Villa Group Timeshare Scams

Lastly, it’s important to note that Villa Group Resorts are not scammers. In fact, they have been in the business for nearly 4 decades and are recognized by the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) as a legitimate timeshare provider in Mexico.

If you come across any reports of a Villa Group Resorts timeshare scam, it is probably misinformation or related to an outside party illegally posing as a reputable company to scam innocent people. The facts are that the Villa Group Resorts offers a high-quality vacation club membership so that owners can enjoy incredible vacations and reconnect with their families.

Currently, they have 10 resorts in 5 of the top Mexican destinations including Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Riviera Nayarit, Islands of Loreto, and Cancun. If you want to save money on travel expenses and have top-quality accommodations and amenities, a Villa Group timeshare is a wise investment.  

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We hope this article about timeshare scams in Mexico was helpful. Remember, only work with reputable companies and avoid outside cancellation companies who are trying to operate scams. By only working directly with trustworthy providers like the Villa Group Resorts, you can get a lot of value out of buying a timeshare in Mexico.

If you aren’t sure where to start, try contacting the Villa del Palmar in Puerto Vallarta. They are one of the top resorts in the Villa Group collection and have all-inclusive travel packages on sale right now. During your vacation to Puerto Vallarta, sign up for a Villa del Palmar timeshare presentation so you can decide if joining is right for you and your family. 

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