Advice about Villa Group Timeshare

While very uncommon, unfortunately, Villa Group timeshare scams have occurred to some unsuspecting owners who were taken advantage of by outside, third-party fraudsters. Villa Group is a reputable and well-respected company that does not practice or operate timeshare scams themselves, but outside parties can try to scam unsuspecting victims who are not in the know. Read below to learn how to keep you and your vacation investment safe.

Here are 5 Top Tips To Avoid Becoming a Victim of a Villa Group Scam:

Tip 1: Avoid Timeshare Cancellation Companies

Timeshare Cancellation companies are parties that try to take advantage of existing timeshare owners by convincing them that they can cancel their timeshare for them. This, however is untrue. Timeshare or vacation ownership memberships are only able to be cancelled during the cooling off or recission period which is typically 5-14 days after you sign your timeshare membership contract. Once that time period is passed, the legally binding contract does not allow you to cancel your timeshare membership.

Tip 2: Beware of Fake Online Reviews

Another way to avoid becoming a Villa Group timeshare scam victim, is to not fall prey to fake news you read online. Unfortunately, some dishonest individuals or companies have tried to give the prestigious Villa Group a bad name in order to con more victims into using their unsolicited services. Sometimes, these scammers even go as far as to post fake reviews in order to confuse legitimate timeshare owners. To stay safe, always deal directly with your timeshare provider if you have any questions or concerns.

Tip 3: Don’t Pay Upfront Fees

Another way to avoid becoming a Villa Group timeshare scam victim, is to never pay an upfront fee to an outside company. Some fraudulent individuals will claim to have a buyer for your timeshare, but ask you to pay a processing fee upfront. This is almost certainly a red flag for scam. The timeshare scam occurs when the victim pays the upfront fee, and the fraudulent company or individual is never heard from again. Remember, never work with outside parties when trying to sell your timeshare and you will stay safe.

Tip 4: Never Attend a Sales Presentation Off-Site

If you are invited to tour or visit a Villa Group resort property by a sales promoter, but then they take you to a completely different resort instead, be very wary. You are likely dealing with a scammer who is trying to sell you a fake membership. Only authorized salespersons are allowed on site to perform a timeshare presentation and tour of a Villa Group property. Also, any individual who requires or insists you to sign paperwork or the timeshare membership contract outside of the property is likely a scammer trying to find their next victim so stay alert!

Tip 5: Avoid Timeshare Resales

Another great way to stay safe from Villa Group timeshare scams is to only work directly with a legitimate Villa Group resort. In the past, outside third party companies have claimed they can sell you a better membership at the same or different vacation club. Sometimes, they even claim to have an existing buyer for your old membership in order to help convince you to work with them. This is usually a scam and some innocent owners actually end up owning two timeshare memberships by mistake. Stay safe and avoid timeshare resales by only working with genuine Villa Group staff members.

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