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This space was designed for existing Villa Group timeshare owners to voice their opinion about anything related to their vacation ownership membership. Did you have a question or concern that you want answered? Or did you have a particularly experience and want to share your review with your fellow Villa Group owners?

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    Alison Martin

    Hello, how can i contact the villa group timeshare?

    Eleanor Johnson

    There are lots of way to contact the Villa Group Resorts timeshare division. You can visit their official Vacation Ownership website at for more details and help on any questions or concerns you may have.

    Whitney M

    Has anyone who’s bought a Villa Group timeshare got an opinion on this? Not sure what to expect.


    I purchased a Villa Group timeshare at the Villa del Palmar Cancun 5 years ago. We love Cancun, but we were excited to find out that we were able to use our timeshare time at one of their sister resorts in Puerto Vallarta last year. For us, it has been a really smart way to plan ahead for nice vacations, without having to spend a ton of money or time researching our vacation plans.

    Andy Hosking

    Looking for reviews.

    Paul Costello

    I was able to find online reviews by going to trip advisor. Reviews seem to indicate that Villa Group is a reputable and trusted timeshare company to invest with due to the flexibility of travelling to a variety of resorts with one membership since is part of a network of resorts with locations throughout Mexico.

    Emily Cane

    Has anyone heard of villa group timeshare scams in 2019? Trying to find information

    Joseph Fink

    I used to work in the timeshare industry in Mexico, and Villa Group is actually one of the most reputable and respected companies in the business. They have resorts in several tourist destinations in Mexico, and seem to have some of the nicer resorts when it comes to timeshare clubs. From what I recall, most timeshare scams related to Villa Group actually involved outside parties who misused the company name. The company itself had great staff members and a solid work ethic from what I could tell. Hope this helps!

    Leslie McKinley

    Does anyone know what the cooling off period means?

    Sarah CR

    I am a current vacation club member and I remember that the cooling off period is also called the rescission period. It is the short time period immediately after you sign your membership contract when you can legally cancel your timeshare without repercussions. I believe most timeshare companies offer a cooling off period that lasts just 5 to 14 days and the clock starts ticking once the membership contract is signed, so, when the cooling off period ends, you can’t cancel your timeshare membership without being penalized, hope this information is helpful

    John T.

    Is Mexico safe for travel right now? I would love to join a vacation club, but sometimes hear bad reports in the news that doesn’t recommend travel to Mexico. What do current timeshare owners in Mexico think or recommend to foreigners?

    Elise Powell

    As a current Mexico resident, I can say Mexico is in general very safe. I used to visit my timeshare each year, and decided to move here full time about 10 years ago. In fact, if you join a vacation club, you will be able to stay at the best resorts that have onsite security, and nice services right on the property such as restaurants, pools, and spas, etc. However, if you want to get out and about and explore, just use caution and common sense and you will find that Mexico is a very safe and beautiful country to travel in.

    Mary Theresa Bradley

    I am trying to make a reservation by phone, we are Villa group members and I have waited on hold for over an hour.
    Very frustrating!! I tried sending a message but it would not go through because page is down. We pay a lot of money for maintenance fees and I am extremely disappointed in the horrible service.

    Editorial Team

    You can call: 322 226 1400 (Villa del Palmar Vallarta Phone)
    Ask to be transferred to the members service area.


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