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FAQ #1 – Where Can I Visit With My Villa Group Timeshare Membership?

Villa Group timeshare operates 9 resorts in 5 tourist destinations throughout Mexico. Currently, they have properties in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. The resorts involved in a membership can all be visited with a Villa Group timeshare membership so you have the flexibility to mix up your vacations and keep life interesting.

FAQ #2 – What Can I Get With My Points?

Villa Group operates a point system for their members so that you can apply those points to enjoy a variety of great services during your vacation. The Villa Group timeshare Points Redemption Program is designed to allow members to use points in order to pay for a variety of services including spa treatments, flower arrangements, all-inclusive meal plan upgrades, groceries, food, and even private chef services. The points systems allow Villa Group members to make the most of their vacation and treat themselves to the finer things in life.

FAQ #3 – Do I Have To Pay Maintenance Fees?

At Villa Group timeshares, members have to pay regular maintenance fees just as they would with any other vacation club membership. The maintenance fees are well within industry standards and a very important part of any vacation ownership program. Maintenance fees help to maintain the resort property, landscaping and help keep suites and units looking their very best. That way, each and every time members vacation, they are greeted with an amazing resort in top condition on all levels. There is no need to waste any of your vacation time dealing with repairs or upkeep – it is all handled for you thanks to the regular maintenance fees. Vacation is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest!

FAQ # 4 – What Kind of Suites Can I Enjoy?

A Villa del Palmar timeshare membership gives you access to a wide variety of excellent accommodation options to make your getaways wonderful. Options include the entry-level unit Deluxe Studio, followed by One Bedroom Villas and Two Bedroom Villas. There are also more luxurious and spacious specialty suites including penthouses, lofts, and master residences. The Villa del Palmar timeshare points system allows members to tailor their vacations to suit their needs. Whether you are traveling alone for a romantic getaway with your partner or bringing the whole family along.

FAQ #5 – What Kind of Amenities Can I Expect?

By becoming a Villa Group timeshare member, you have VIP access to all of the resort’s hotel facilities including multiple beautiful pools and jacuzzis, upscale spas where you can pamper yourself to the fullest, and excellent dining options to suit every taste. From upscale dining restaurants to casual poolside snack bars and delis, it is easy to find a scrumptious and satisfying meal at all of the Villa Group resort restaurants.

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