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Are you doing your own research to find out what kind of reviews, accolades and Villa Group timeshare complaints you can find online? In general, Villa Group timeshare reviews from existing members are very positive as the Villa Group is a genuine and award-winning timeshare provider in Mexico with a variety of properties including Villa del Palmar, Villa del Arco, and Villa La Estancia. Villa Group scams and Villa del Palmar scams are virtually nonexistent as they are carried out by outside parties not related to Villa Group. Villa Group scams and Villa del Palmar scams can be completely avoided by only working with the company, and address any concerns or questions directly to Villa Group.

Here are some summaries of customer reviews that go into more detail about the type of accomodation, services and amenities you can expect when you are part of a the Villa Group Resorts family. Make sure to leave your own comments below to share your experience with other members.

Spacious Accommodations

Many of the reviews about Villa Group timeshares express pleasure and satisfaction regarding the type of accommodations available at the resorts. We were unable find any Villa Group timeshare complaints about accommodation, as this is actually one of the top benefits of becoming a timeshare member. Members regularly commented on the elegant design and decor of the spacious and comfortable suites. In addition, many Villa Group timeshare reviews also highlighted how much they enjoyed spending time in the comfortable unit after a long day at the beach or pool, and that they especially enjoyed using the private balcony with breathtaking ocean views. In fact, the only Villa Group timeshare complaint regarding accommodation is the fact that members tried to make a last minute reservation and had a bit of trouble securing their preferred dates. Due to high demand to stay at these incredible resorts, you can avoid this issue completely by planning ahead.

Best Beaches

Speaking of those great ocean views, many Villa Group timeshare reviews comment about the beaches. You would be hard pressed to find a Villa Group timeshare complaint about that! The truth is Villa Group carefully selects the location for their resorts by picking areas that have naturally beautiful beaches that guests will love. Villa Group timeshare reviews rave about the clean and sandy beaches located on the beachfront in front of the resorts, and the easy access to water sports within walking distance from the property such as kayaking, swimming, stand up paddleboarding and much more.

Quality Amenities

The Villa Group resort amenities are featured as a top selling point in many Villa Group timeshare reviews. In fact, Villa Group is often listed as one of the top resorts in online reviews by actual members. This is likely due to the fact that Villa Group has a variety of resorts with unique features, but they all come with quality amenities and a fine attention to detail. Many members commented on how much they loved the multiple swimming pools, excellent onsite dining options, world class gyms, and kid’s club to keep the little ones entertained and content as well. For vacationers who want time to really decompress, the availability of world class spas located at each of the Villa Group resorts is a major attraction for anyone in the market for a timeshare membership. Members thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of being able to pamper yourself and relax, without having to leave the comfort of your hotel. Any negative Villa Group timeshare complaints about amenities and facilities were difficult to find online.

Excellent Customer Service

The great and welcoming hospitality of the Mexican people is evident at each of the Villa Group resorts as the staff members all do their best to make guests happy to enjoy their vacations to the max. In addition, bar and restaurant staff, front desk concierge and pool team members are frequently noted as being especially friendly and helpful. Whether you need help finding your room, booking a tour, or making dinner reservations, the Villa Group staff members go up and beyond to provide excellent customer service at all times.

If you ever have a Villa Group timeshare complaint about any part of your experience, please make sure to notify a manager so Villa Group can continue to earn rave reviews by members.


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2 comments on “Reviews About Villa Group Timeshare Memberships

Mabel Kakoschke

I have been contacted by Empire City Brokerage located in New York, they are inquiring if we are interested in selling our timeshare to a Villa Group owner (not a timeshare owner but a Villa owner) who is trying to buy 150 units. The offer is double what we paid 7 years ago…I am looking for info if this is a scam. He had our names, contact info and knew that we have a studio (1200 points). When searched, the company name appears to be legit but the address is raising red flags, as it is a condo building, with the unit being listed for sale. He is saying if we accept the offer, the money is deposited to us and then we only have to pay their 5% brokerage fee, all other costs/mexican taxes/fees etc are being covered by the buyer. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Editorial Team

It’s definitely a scam, don’t fall for their lies


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