Villa Group Timeshare Complaints: Top 3

Are you wondering what kind of Villa Group timeshare complaints existing members have? In general, there are not many Villa Group complaints since the company is an award-winning vacation club provider that excels at providing luxurious accommodations and great service. In fact, many timeshare complaints are actually inaccurate or misguided reviews by a few individuals due to other factors, and not a true representation of the company. Read below to learn more about Villa Group timeshare complaints, and other Villa Group online reviews that may interest you.

Villa Group Timeshare Complaint #1: Unable to Secure Vacation Dates

This is one of the top Villa Group timeshare complaints found online by vacation ownership members. As the Villa Group has thousands of members ready to take their next vacation, the resorts do book up so any bookings are based on availability. However, any individuals who made a Villa Group complaint about not getting their dates usually did not make their request in a timely fashion. Unless it is low season, and there isn’t many people travelling at that time, it is always recommended to plan ahead and request your preferred vacation dates well in advance. That way, you can avoid having to make a timeshare complaint about not getting the date you want.

Villa Group Complaint #2: Unable to Cancel Timeshare

Another Villa Group timeshare complaint found by members posting reviews online was in regards to cancellation issues. While the vast majority of current vacation club members are extremely satisfied with their vacation investment at Villa Group, there have been a few individuals who wanted to cancel their membership for various reasons. Some people had financial issues that prevented them from travelling as much as they wanted to, or possibly health issues that kept them from getting the most out of their vacation club membership as they had hoped. However, as is the case with any timeshare membership, Villa Group memberships are only able to be cancelled during the cooling off period. To avoid a Villa Group complaint due to lack of knowledge about the terms of your contract, make sure to carefully review your membership document to clarify any questions you have about the cooling off period. By simply being educated on the legal cooling off period when your timeshare can be cancelled, you can avoid having an unwarranted Villa Group complaint to make that is not a representation of the company itself, but simply a lack of proper research on the part of the member.

Villa Group Complaint #3: Low Membership Level

Another Villa Group timeshare complaint that some members made was that they had difficulty enjoying all the services they wanted to partake in during their vacation. Sometimes, if a member has a problem booking a certain service or reservation, it could be due to their level of membership. Members with Preferred status have priority over the entry level membership plans. If you want to avoid having a Villa Group timeshare complaint about not getting to take advantage to all the top amenities and services you want to enjoy, consider a timeshare upgrade to a better membership plan. With Villa Preferred Access, you get first dibs on everything you want to do during your vacation.

Villa Group timeshares offer you and your family the chance to have incredible vacations and at a price you can afford. Any Villa Group timeshare complaints are usually easily resolved as great customer service is the number one goal of this award winning resort provider that has over 30 years experience in the industry.

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