Alert! Mexico Timeshare Scams

Regrettably, timeshares and vacation clubs have unjustifiably received a bad reputation due to a few shady and crooked individuals and companies that were only looking to scam innocent people. Do you want to know more about how to avoid 2019 Mexico timeshare scams? You are in the right place if you do. Thankfully today, most vacation ownership opportunities are legit and are being offered by reputable providers that give individuals the chance to enjoy outstanding vacations, and at a price that is affordable, too. Benefits come to vacation ownership members, and owners are usually completely satisfied with their investment. They can enjoy wonderful vacations with their loved ones, but every person should still be aware and stay alert for 2019 Mexico timeshare scams. Continue to read below to learn how you can steer clear of Mexico timeshare scams.

  • Reselling Old Mexican Timeshare – Scams

When a fraudulent company tries to sell people an old membership is a common Mexico timeshare scam to avoid. Many times, the fake company is not even the true owner of the vacation club. Sometimes, the old vacation club membership that they are trying to sell doesn’t even exist. The uninformed buyer is likely being duped by the fake company. Eliminate yourself from becoming a victim when you only buy from a reputable Mexico resort provider. You should never, ever buy a vacation club membership resale online or from anyone that approaches you on the street without further research.

  • Off Site Sales Reps

When working off site, it is possible that you may come in contact with a dishonest sales rep, but remember, in most of the popular tourist areas you may come in contact with a legitimate sales rep, too. To help confirm whether the sales rep is reputable and works with a genuine vacation club, all you need to do is ask to see their company issued ID. All sales reps that work for a genuine vacation club provider are issued proper identification. You should never put any money down or buy a vacation club membership before you attend a sales presentation and tour the resort. You should never trust any marketing and sales pamphlets. You don’t have to become a victim to this common timeshare scam by always buying directly from the resort and visiting the property in person.

  • Copy of the Membership Contract – Scams

You should always make sure that you get a copy of the membership contract before you pay any money. It’s that simple to avoid this common Mexico timeshare scam. The membership contract should be provided to you so you have a chance to read it, and make sure you read all the fine print. After you have read the contract, you should ask any questions before you sign it. Remember, once you sign the membership contract, it is legally binding. If you have not been given a copy of the membership contract and you have been asked to go ahead and pay the deposit, you are at risk of being scammed so stay alert.

  • Upgrade and Exchange Timeshare Scams

Did someone call you and say that they are with a company that has the ability to transfer or exchange your membership? If so, then this is most likely a Mexico timeshare scammer. No outside company can offer legitimate upgrades or exchanges for your membership. Depending upon the rules and regulations with your contract, your existing provider is the only company that has the ability to issue upgrades or exchanges. This popular 2019 Mexico timeshare scam is scamming many unsuspecting members so beware.

  • Membership Cancellation Scams

After your cooling off period has passed, no company or even an attorney can cancel your existing membership. This is one of the most popular Mexico 2019 timeshare scams that is occurring to existing vacation ownership members. The fake cancellation companies convince members that they have the ability to cancel their membership, and they have the member pay an expensive upfront fee. However, then the fake cancellation company disappears with the money without providing any membership cancellations. You should always contact your current company if you have any questions about your membership or cooling off period.

The 2019 Mexico timeshare scam information above will hopefully prevent many people from being a victim. Remember the tips provided so you can enjoy many years of quality vacations with your vacation club membership.

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