Resorts With Most Timeshare Complaints

Are you curious about timeshares since you have heard they can be a smart financial investment for your family? Or have you also heard horror stories about bad experiences that people went through with their timeshare and you want to avoid a situation like that? The majority of resorts with the most timeshare complaints share similarities that are pretty easy to identify. Keep reading below if you want to learn about resorts with most timeshare complaints, so you can know how to pick a reputable resort provider for your vacation club membership.

Resorts with Most Timeshare Complaints: Bad Reputation

A big sign of a resort with most timeshare complaints are usually ones that have a bad reputation and unsatisfied members. The bad reputation may stem from the fact that a certain level of accommodations and amenities was promised when a new member signed up, only to be disappointed when they actually used their first vacation week at their assigned unit. Make sure to always tour the resort property for yourself in person, and never rely on pictures from marketing materials alone. Often times, the sales rep may be misrepresenting the timeshare or using pictures not associated with the vacation club membership they are promoting.

Resorts with Most Timeshare Complaints: Non-Existent History

Another way to avoid resorts with most timeshare complaints is to steer clear of resort providers that do not have an existing history or background. If you find it hard to find any information at all about a particular vacation club provider, be very wary. The truth it, they may be scammers trying to sell a product that doesn’t even exist. In today’s age of technology, there are endless ways fraudsters can try to make a fast buck off unsuspecting victims. If you have been approached by a sales rep promoting a specific provider, but after doing your own research online you can’t find any results, that should be a huge red flag. Well established vacation clubs should have an official website and you should also be able to search for member reviews to read real life experiences about how the membership works. If your search queries end up empty, you are advised to purchase a vacation club membership elsewhere.

Resorts with Most Timeshare Complaints: Not Part of a Timeshare Exchange Network

Today’s savvy travellers want more out of their vacation club membership. While it is nice to have the familiarity and security of visiting the same resort each year, many existing members today find that a big restrictive. Travelling to new locations and experiencing new things is high on the priority list for most travellers in 2019. As a result, the best resorts and vacation clubs are part of a network exchange program. That way, their members can not only stay at the principal resort that they purchased their membership from, but they also have the option to use their time and vacation at resorts within the exchange network. Many timeshare complaints relate to the fact that members feel stifled by only being able to stay at one resort. To avoid this timeshare complaint, always purchase your vacation club membership with a reputable and established company such as the Villa Group who has multiple properties that can be enjoyed, all with one single vacation club membership. Members love that they always receive the high level of quality accommodation and services they come to expect, but the flexibility of being able to visit multiple properties throughout Mexico is a huge bonus.

As you can see, the vacation club resorts with most timeshare complaints tend to be unestablished or illegitimate companies who aren’t part of a network. Don’t let yourself become an unsatisfied vacation club member! Always select a well respected and established provider with an verifiable history of providing excellent services for their members. That way, you can get the most out of your timeshare investment now and for years to come.

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