Timeshare Scam Notifications: 2022 Update

Are you searching for information on the latest timeshare scam notifications?  With a few simple suggestions, you can easily avoid associating yourself with companies that pose a risk of a timeshare scam. Read the 2022 update on timeshare scam notifications to be aware of below.

2022 Mexican Timeshare Scams: Thanks to law enforcement and the efforts of reputable vacation club and resort providers, Mexican timeshare scams are practically nonexistent these days. The Mexican timeshare industry has worked very hard to create and provide quality vacation clubs that members will enjoy. Many of the top reputable companies in Mexico such as the Villa Group really go out of their way to keep potential and existing timeshare members informed on how to avoid timeshare scams. The reality is the majority of Mexican timeshare scams are not even directly connected to the resort provider. In fact, fraudulent scammers often try to use a reputable company’s name in order to earn trust and to scam innocent people. Some scammers seek out existing vacation club members and try to dupe them by offering services to cancel, sell, and/or refund the member’s vacation club membership. However, the truth is no company can cancel your membership after the cooling off period has ended. Keep reading below to learn more about Mexican timeshare scams to be aware of in 2022.

Avoid Third-Party Scammers: The number one best way to effectively avoid Mexican timeshare scams in 2022 is to never enlist the help of third-party companies. Avoid outside parties that could be operating a fraud,  and only deal with legitimate resort personnel. Make sure to direct any and all inquiries regarding your vacation club membership to your current provider. This is an easy way to stay safe from timeshare scams. Do you wonder how you can be certain whether you are being approached by a reputable vacation club company or a scammer? All legitimate sales representatives such as those who work with the Villa Group are issued proper identification. On the flip side, a third-party scammer won’t have official ID’s that can validate their legitimacy. Another way to spot a scammer is to avoid individuals who take you on a tour of a particular resort, but then whisk you quickly off-site to get you to sign a contract. If this happens to you, make sure you do not sign anything.  A legitimate sales rep who works for a reputable vacation club provider like Villa Group will always have you sign all legal contracts and paperwork onsite at the resort.

Cancellation Scams: Cancellation scams are another popular scam to be aware of in 2022. The reality is that vacation club owners can only cancel their membership during the cooling-off period or the rescission period. The cooling off period occurs immediately after you have signed your membership contract, and averages between 5 to 14 days.  To confirm your specific cooling off period dates, carefully review your membership contract. Once the cooling-off period is over, no one can legally cancel your vacation club membership. Therefore, if any company claims they offer timeshare cancellation services, you should be wary as they are likely scammers trying to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting victim. In addition to cancellation fraud, the resale scam is another scam to be aware of. The resale scam occurs when an outside party offers to resell your vacation club membership, but charges you an upfront fee and then quickly disappears. If you are interested in upgrading or reselling your timeshare, always go directly to your existing provider. Outside third-party companies are usually scammers looking for their next victim.

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