Timeshare Scams to Avoid (2022)

Timeshare scams in 2022 are not as complicated to prevent as they used to be. These days, legitimate resort and vacation club providers like the Villa Group Resorts proactively work at protecting their valued vacation club owners by educating members on how to spot frauds. Villa Group is one of the most trusted providers in Mexico, and members agree. In order to help identify potential timeshare scams in 2022, we have compiled some information that should help existing and potential timeshare owners.

Timeshare Scams To Avoid (2022)

There are various types of timeshare scams to avoid in 2022. Many vacation club members wrongly assume that timeshare scams are limited to fraudulent individuals or companies who try to sell a fake membership plan. While this type of timeshare scam does exist, there are other types of scams to be aware of that are harder to identify. Some illegal timeshare resellers try to scam new vacation club members after they invest in a genuine vacation club like a membership with the Villa Group. Unfortunately, some Villa Group vacation club owners have been targeted by individuals or companies who claim to provide legitimate services. The truth is, no outside company can assist you in cancelling or reselling your timeshare if your cooling off period has already expired. Read more below to learn about other scams to be aware of to keep your investment safe and sound.

Timeshare Scams to Avoid: 2022 Resale Scams

There are timeshare scams to avoid in 2022 that all vacation club members should be aware of. Having the knowledge and insight into what types of fraud are out there, make it way easier to avoid becoming a timeshare scam victim yourself.For example, resale scams are one type of scam to be wary of if you are an existing vacation club owner. A resale scam occurs when an existing vacation club member is duped into believing there is a buyer who wants to purchase their old membership. Often times, the existing owner becomes convinced to sell their old timeshare in hopes of purchasing a different, newer vacation club membership. However, the resale scam occurs when there isn’t truly a buyer for the old membership. Many times the unsuspecting owner is duped into purchasing a second timeshare so that they end up with two memberships instead of one. Other times, they pay an upfront fee for the supposed resale services, only to lose that money since no service will be provided. The best way to avoid a resale scam is to only work with your existing provider so that no confusion or fraud can occur. 

Cancellation Scams in 2022

Cancellation Scams are another common scam to avoid in 2022. Sometimes, existing vacation club members have a change of heart and wish they could cancel their membership. As a result, there are fraudulent cancellation companies out there who prey on this type of individual who wishes to cancel their existing vacation club plan. However, the simple truth is timeshare memberships cannot be cancelled after the cooling off or rescission period has ended. The cooling-off period only lasts a few days to a few weeks, so unless you are still within that time frame, you cannot legally cancel your membership. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is just trying to scam you out of additional money so stay alert and do not fall victim to their lies.

Timeshare Rental Scams in 2022

A third timeshare scam to be aware of relates to renting out your unit. Some companies have approached existing vacation club members claiming they have an interested renter who wants to use their unit for vacation. They may require a processing fee or upfront payment in order to use their services. This is a big red flag! Most of the times, there truly is no renter and the fraudulent company just collects the upfront fee and disappears. Make sure you are aware of this type of activity so you can protect yourself and your investment! If you do want to rent out your timeshare unit, it is possible but you should only work directly with your existing resort provider. They will be able to help you rent out your unit and in a legal, safe way that prevents any fraud or scams from occurring. 

As you can see, it is easy to avoid timeshare scams in 2022 if you only work with your existing provider and avoid all outside parties. Never pay any upfront fees for rental services or resale assistance related to your membership. Also, if you ever think that you have been scammed, please contact Villa Group membership today so you can share all pertinent details with them so they can help warn other members. It is also recommended that you contact the local authorities and the state attorney general to file an official complaint. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Villa Group membership, please contact Villa Group directly and one of their staff members will help you out. 

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